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Should I Stay or Should I Go? is a survival manual, a guidebook―and a shot of reality. Some people will never change, and kissing frogs is the stuff of fairy tales, not real life. The Beast never turns out to be a nice guy (or gal). This is a book that breaks down what mean people do to us, how they do it, and what we can do to survive.

In You Are WHY You Eat, food becomes a digestible metaphor. If you are gorging and numbing yourself with food, are you doing the same thing in life? Instead of trying to please others all the time, what would happen if you listened to your inner voice? What if you could find a way to stop eating, stop working at a bad job, stop a bad relationship before you walk down the aisle—stop anything when you are full? Understanding WHY you eat can lead to real and lasting change–both in your weight loss and all other areas of your life.

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Giving a TEDx Talk at TEDx Sedona

Leading a Congressional Briefing on Psychology of Poverty

Speaking at SxSW 2018 about staying sane and healthy in a narcissistic world

Explaining the difference between Narcissists, Psychopaths, and Sociopaths

Giving expert advice to Andrew Hales on LAHWF

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Sexual Disorientation is a weekly podcast featuring clinical psychologist and Professor of Psychology Dr. Ramani. Each episode Dr. Ramani welcomes an interesting guest to talk sex, relationships, and every taboo topic in between.

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