At this time, due to high interest and Dr. Ramani’s travel schedule into the fall she will not be able to enroll
any new regular clients (eg people who need/prefer to be seen weekly). 

She does have openings for short term consultation
(eg individuals who need to be seen for approximately 1-3 sessions).

Dr. Ramani’s practice is focused on working with adult clients.  Much of her work is on working with clients who are experiencing relationship or workplace difficulties secondary to difficult personalities within those contexts (e.g. relationships with narcissistic partners, working with difficult supervisors).  She also brings clinical experience in working with clients with depression, anxiety, eating disorders, substance use issues, and personality disorders. Dr. Ramani also brings expertise in health psychology and in integrating mind and body to understanding barriers to weight loss, managing chronic illness, and managing stress and health holistically.  She works from an intersectional perspective and integrates understanding a person wholly and with regard to the intersections between gender, race/ethnicity, culture, social class, sexual orientation, nationality, disabilities and age.   

Dr. Ramani offers several approaches and formats for therapy and consultation depending on your needs.  Her focus largely derives from a humanistic/existential format – focusing on where the client is at, understanding their subjective experience, and also focusing on taking responsibility within any given context with a goal of maximizing individual potential.
She also works on a consultative, problem focused manner with clients who require psychoeducation on the impact of personality issues – particularly narcissistic, antisocial/psychopathic/sociopathic, borderline, compulsive, and dependent patterns on their personal and professional relationships.  


Clients located in CALIFORNIA: while insurance cannot be directly billed, a superbill can be provided for submission to your insurer as an out of network provider.

Out of state consultations: you cannot submit statements to your insurer for reimbursement.

$320/hour or each portion thereof.

*You may book longer or shorter sessions.

Yes, she does on a case by case basis. Out of state consultations cannot be billed to insurance, and are focused on short-term problem solving consultations only.

At this time all sliding scale slots are full.

No. Dr. Ramani only works with adult clients.

Yes. Couples therapy is billed at the same hourly rate as individual therapy ($320/hour or each portion thereof).


**Emails may be read and replied to by
Dr. Ramani's assistant
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